Crop Tool in Photoshop

Crop tool in Photoshop is used to remove the unwanted pixels image from outside of an image.

In adobe Photoshop, we have various options to crop the image. Go to Toolbar and click on icon on the left. Under Crop option, you have 4 tool options:

(a) Crop Tool (b) perspective Crop tool (c) Slice tool (d) Slice Select tool

Select Crop tool from toolbox.PNG

(a) Crop Tool

By default, standard crop tool is selected. Standard Crop Tool is used to crop the image to reduce length, width. Also, we can rotate the image to give the image proper orientation while cropping.

Example of Crop tool:

Let’s open below image in Photoshop:

Example of Crop tool in Photoshop.PNG

Here we will use Crop tool to rotate the image to make the Pisa tower vertical and will cut some of the image pixel at bottom and left area.

Crop tool to rotate the image.PNG

Just select the Crop tool and we are presented with below crop control. Drag the crop control on border area to change the size. At the corner, we can the control to rotate the image.

Crop tool with Crop control.PNG

Let’s rotate the image to make the Pisa vertical as shown below:

Rotate the image with Crop control.PNG

Once the rotation is done press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to accept the changes. Below is what we get. Select Rectangular marquee tool to come out of crop tool.

Confirm crop by Crop tool.PNG

Crop Tool Output

Crop Tool Output in Photoshop.PNG

(b) Perspective Crop tool

Perspective Crop tool in Photoshop is used straighten photos. We can change the Perspective of an image using Perspective Crop tool .

Let’s open below image in Photoshop application. As we can see, below image has different Perspective, to straighten the image we must change its Perspective.

Open image in Photoshop application.PNG

First place the cursor at top-left corner of photo and drag it towards another corner.

Place Cursor at top left corner for Perspective Crop.PNG

Once you reach another end, it will be as shown below:

Drag Cursor at top right corner for Perspective Crop.PNG

Now drag the cursor to 3rd corner as shown below.

Drag Cursor at bottom right corner for Perspective Crop.PNG

Finally drag the cursor to 4th corner.

Drag Cursor at bottom left corner for Perspective Crop.PNG

Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS), when the selection is complete by Perspective tool. If the image is not perfect, then use the standard crop tool to adjust height & width.

Complete the selection by Perspective Crop tool.PNG

Use crop tool now and delete the unwanted area.

Use crop tool to Delete unwanted area.PNG

Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) for 2 times and below is what we get:

Confirm crop by Perspective Crop.PNG

Perspective Crop tool Output

Perspective Crop tool Output in Photoshop.PNG

(c) Slice tool

Slice tool in Photoshop is used to slice a large image into smaller sections. Normally we do this kind of work, when we have large images like big hoarding/banner/billboard. These images cannot be printed all at once. We must print the image in sliced segments. After printed each sliced segment, it is pasted on hoarding to give the view of full image.

There are two sub-tools for Slice tool:

(1) Slice (which creates the slices)

(2) Slice Select (which enables us modify the existing slices).

Slice tool in Photoshop.PNG

Now slice the image using the slice tool into 4 segments. Make the 1st slice on the top-left as shown below.

Slice on the top left.PNG

Make rest of the slices as shown below:

Rest of the slices.PNG

Now go to File -> Save for Web

File Save for Web.PNG

Once we save it, we get 4 images in “Image Folder” on the save location.

Output of slice tool in Photoshop.PNG

Now we can print each image and can paste on the hoarding separately to give the final image on the hoarding.

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