Getting started with Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will see how to create a new document in Photoshop

To create a new document:

Go to menu bar. then Select "File" -> "New"

New Photoshop document.PNG

In the ‘New’ window, mention below:

Name of the document:

Here we are giving the photoshop document name as “Photoshop001”.The created document will be saved with the name ‘Photoshop001.psd’.

Photoshop document is saved with extension ‘.psd’.

Choose the dimension:

We need to mention the dimension of the Canvas. Canvas is the work area where we do paintings/drawings/insert pictures. In short, it is the work area in Photoshop.

We can use the size 8.5” x11”, if we want to print on normal paper or we can use a custom size (by mentioning the height and width attributes).

Choose the resolution:

The resolution tells us, Number of pixels/inch of an image.

More number of pixels means- more information in every inch of the image, giving the image more clarity. But higher number of pixels/inch also result in large file. Hence, depending upon our need, we should select the resolution.

Default resolution is set to 72 pixel/inch and satisfies our basic need. If we want good quality of image which we can print on large paper, we can set the resolution to 300 pixel/inch.

Photoshop zoom tool.png

** Note:

We can use the zoom tool to zoom the document to 100%. At the zoom level of 100%, the canvas contains the elements at original size.

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